Pagani Zonda walkaround animation

Here is my latest work. A Pagani Zonda 760 Roadster.
The camera animation was done with Blenders camera tracking feature - using footage I shot in my garden with my phone :slight_smile: rendering was done using the Octane plugin for Blender using the direct light kernel.

What you’ve done is great!!! :smiley:

Modeling looks very good. Awesome animation, great idea and execution.

Great stuff! I’d love some blurriness on the reflections (if possible) though; they’re too sharp.

great work.

Truly amazing and inspiring!

Would love to know the render time for the animation?

Brilliant trick with camera tracking.

The dream of every filmmaker, no more camera shadows or reflections. :smiley:

Thanks for the comments and feedback. The animation was approx 4 minutes per frame x 2438 frames = roughly a week! although I did it in a few stints.

wow, that is nice!!

very detail

Really nice animation. I like the quality a lot, just one thing to mention, which I believe will make this work better. Put some contrast! Not the black is not black is grayish kind of something… especially the interior and tires… need more black, you can touch into post pro or direct new render. Don’t know your preferences… but for outstanding realism you need some black! :slight_smile: