Pagoda Shelter Roof

Hi Guys,

New to this forum but have been playing with Blender 2.49 for over 2.5 years now.

My question is how do I go about modelling the roof section of a pagoda shelter?
I’ve included a picture for reference, which I might add is not my model. :eyebrowlift:
As you can see the roof slopes in slightly leading up to the roof top, and its this sloping that I cant seem to manage in Blender.
I’ve tried using a Bezier Curve, but this doesn’t give me the correct sloping angle.
Many thanks in advance.

here is one way to do it. well, half of it. the last step would be to mirror and join the result.
i’ll have to load these in 2 seperate posts, so here are the first three.
(edit) whoops, i didn’t realize i was taking full screen shots…brb after i crop these…



Thanks for the quick reply.

Excellent tutorial. Easy to follow and worked a treat.

Many thanks.


Make the base shape

Loop cut and scale it down

Use Bevel (Ctrl+B) and dial up the divisions and set the range.

Cheers Ajm for that tutorial as well. It’s always handy to have a multitude of ways to get a result.