[PAID] 3D Cloth sets for fully rigged Unity3D character


we are looking for a freelance artist creating cloth sets for our Characters. The Characters are photo scanned, textured and fully rigged.

Needed Skills:

  • Creating high poly cloth from Reference images
  • Normal map baked from high poly
  • Game ready low-mid poly mesh (optional skinned)
  • Diffuse, Normal and Smoothness map ready to use in Unity PBR workflow

Please briefly include:

  • Information about who you are
  • Samples or links to your work so that we can get an idea of your preferred style
  • Your normal daily/hourly rates
  • Any other details you think may be relevant

We look forward to hearing from you!

[email protected]

Sample source we provide:


Final Quality should be near these:


Just emailed you.



Thanks all for the reply, there where a lot. Sorry if i could not answer all.