[PAID] Blender Professionals Needed for New Support App - Askapro

Hello Blender Professionals!

Are you interested in using your knowledge and experience to earn some extra freelance money on the side?

I created a “Support Services” webapp called Askapro that allows people to ask professionals questions about software and topics in the Media & Entertainment industry.
The professionals (you, in this case) then get paid for each question they answer.

I created Askapro for two reasons:

  1. To help beginner artists have easier access to professionals so they can get their questions answered correctly and quickly.
  2. To help professionals earn a little extra money on the side just by sharing their experience and knowledge with others.

I just launched the Beta version of Askapro and am looking for talented, experienced professionals to be a part of it. This platform is geared towards all Software/Departments/Industries in the Media & Entertainment industry (so not just Blender).
But I wanted to reach out to the Blender community first, since I’m a long-time Blender user. :slight_smile:

Job Description TLDR: Support Services - Answering questions about Blender (and other Software/Departments/Industries if you have the experience).


  1. Must be 18 or older
  2. You are (or have been) financially compensated to produce work in any of our approved Software, Departments, or Industries.
  3. Must feel equipped to answer pretty much any question regarding the Software/Department/Industry you apply for. (So as an example, if you apply as a Professional in “Blender”, then you should feel confident enough to answer pretty much any question someone asks you about the Blender software, and be able to provide support to someone who can’t figure out how to do something in their .blend file.)
  4. Must be willing to answer questions and respond to messages as quickly as possible.
  5. Must have an understanding that Askapro is in Beta and, as such, might not always work as expected. You must be willing to inform us if you notice any bugs, and respond to our requests for feedback.

Nice to Have:

  1. Patience
  2. Good teaching skills

If you’re interested in applying, you can find more info at:

Looking forward to those applications!