[PAID] Cartoony 3D Animal Character Animation for a mobile game! 🐷

Hi all! We’re looking for a 3D modeler to work on a series of animated cartoony animals for a music based mobile game!

It’ll look very similar to animals here but with slighly more complex shapes and slightly wackier design:

Looking for 10-20 animals with 2 animations for each.

MUST be someone who’s familiar with optimization flow for creating assets for mobile, MUST be very familiar with things like creating optimized topology flow and efficient texture pack. And also would like to work with someone who can adapt their art styles upon requests!

If interested, please email me at: [email protected]
Please attach reel or any videos of your animation work!

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you all ^^

Hello I’m a bit confused in what your looking for. Are you looking for character artists or animators?

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