[PAID] [CONTRACT] Looking for an Animator Rigger

Hello to all of you,

We are soon to be announced international game development studio which recently acquired Series A funding and are stoked to be hiring our Animator/Rigger (Blender/3ds Max). This role will be part of the Creative Art team.

Main objectives :

You will be part of our Art Creative Team and report to the Art Director.

In more details:

As our 3D animator, you are the partner of the artistic team.

You translate graphic needs into animation via a well thought rigging and a life breathing animation. As most of our production is outsourced, you will be our reference for technical feedback and for editing these creations.

So you:

  • Have 3-5 years experience

  • Master animation / Rigging on Blender or 3ds Max

  • Master Unreal Engine animation pipeline

  • Understand 3D animation needs

  • Can quickly prepare animation briefs (animatics for instance)

  • Can design complex RIGs

  • Can animate and integrate your RIGs in UNREAL

  • Be able to assist 3D production

  • Have an expert opinion on animation constraints

  • Enjoy brainstorming sessions

You have a good knowledge of:

  • Traditional animation

  • Anatomy

  • Blender

Notions of:

  • AfterEffect

A plus would be to have a:

  • Notion of AfterEffect

  • Background in film, animation, video games

You Are (or are actively looking to become) :

  • You believe in the power of stories (and games) to heal and imagine a better future

  • You are/are constantly striving to be a champion for D&I

The position is based in Paris, France.

Full or partial remote is possible.

Some of us might tend not to apply for jobs unless we feel we do not meet exactly all items in the job description. We believe that high-performing teams include people from different backgrounds and experiences who can challenge each other’s assumptions with fresh perspectives. We encourage you to apply, even if you don’t match everything listed in the job description. Let us know why this role appeals to you, why you will be great, and which requirements will stretch you.

Don’t hesitate to send me an email with your resume and book at: [email protected] <<

Thank you,

  • Mysterious AA Studio

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