[Paid] Custom Import FBX script

I’m looking for a person who could develop a small script that would help me with workflow.

What I need Is this:
A script that will Import FBX files and put It In It’s own collection for each FBX file.

I’m willing to pay 15$ or more for this addon

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What would be the tentative directory structure of the files that need to be imported?

It would be a very simple structure.

When I import two different FBX files, Imported objects (each FBX file) will be moved to It’s dedicated collection.

An example:


I can write a script that will create a new panel (lets say in scene properties) with the button. After clicking the button, every object (or do you want just meshes?) will get inside its created parent collection with the same name as this object.
I am not sure if this is exactly what you want so tell me, please if this is ok.



Nonono… you’ve got the idea wrong.

Let me explain the concept:

I have over 500 FBX files that needs to be segregated individually just as the FBX are.
When I import an FBX file , It will come with multiple objects/meshes.

If I import more than 1 FBX, outliner will get messy.
I want to avoid fixing outliner.

I want a script that will Import Multiple FBX files and automatically create collection for EACH corresponding FBX.

Here’s an example:

This would save me a lot of hours of manual work (Import > Create Collection > Hide …)

My free addon assetlibrarytools v0.2.2 can actually (kind of) do this.

Unfortunately right now the function of importing into collections appears to be unreliable so I haven’t made 0.2.2 a proper release, but you can download the source from GitHub and give it a try

I’m pretty busy right now so I haven’t been able to get around to testing and fixing it, but if I was getting paid I can probably find some time to write up a reliable script to do this.

Let me know if it works for you, if not we can discuss getting a reliable script built :slight_smile:

The offer is no longer avalilible.
Please lock this topic.