Paid gig blender tutor for 13 year old

Good afternoon folks,

I’m looking for a Blender 2D animation person with or without experience of tutoring, to help teach my daughter the tool and processes; to push her step by step through the process of creating her own 2D animation mini series in blender.

I’m looking for a communicative well organised process driven person who would enjoys guiding others to make stuff. My daughter is 13 and loves to draw; addicted to Gacha edits and she would like to turn them into animations.

You might well be thinking this can be done by watching YouTube tutorials; as engineers ourselves tutorials are perfect for us, that said, she both likes and still needs people, so we want to facilitate that for her.

Her instagram is sabrina.lindridge, if you feel you can work with us or know of someone who could, please reach out and start a conversation.

Additional info:

Must be able to engage within a GMT time zone frame
Good English Speaker needed
Time commitment 2 hours per week; can be more in August and on school holidays.
Project initial length is 12 months
Payment via PayPal

Won’t be able to help, but that’s sooo cool for someone to get into the world of 3D/2D at that age.

Hope you find a good tutor!


Hello Dorine!

I think I can help you with this.

I graduated from a five years animation school and it happens that I do 3D at a pretty advanced stage in blender and 2D animation at the same time. plus I really do like teaching, though i have a very little experience in it as I mainly help people of my age and I had a not so successful attempt at teaching a nine years old girl. but teaching drawing at this age is kinda tricky. 13 is better for it. i actually know some people of this age who can do crazy things in 3D. I have an idea of the assignments I could give her and I know different directions in which I can guide her depending on what she wants and her ambitions. If she wants to make a mini-series I guess the motivation is not a problem for her.

I assume you live in UK ? I live in France. I can speak english though it might be the reason I don’t fit the job. maybe I could talk directly to you to figure out if it’s correct ?

please let me know.


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Sure sounds good, send me a DM with contact details

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