[PAID] Horizon | Seeking Texture Artists

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Horizon is essentially a cross between Grand Theft Auto, The Sims, and various other games. It is a game that allows friends to come together in order to have fun in a very unique manner. For more information, contact me.

Team Name:
The Horizon Development Team of Social Beam Applications

Origin Community:
Unreal Engine 4 Community

Mac OS X

Talent Required:
Currently, we are looking for a few large-scale, map-oriented texture artists. As of right now, we are seeking an individual who would potentially be interested in developing for our game. I am accepting texture artists at any level. If you would like to be paid for this job, then contact me as soon as you are able to contact me. You can also just do this for practice in the case that you are just learning to be a texture artist. I will also welcome any offers of royalty. If you are interested at all, then you can contact me with the Skype account that I have posted in this advertisement. Also, keep in mind that you must be available. We also always find a way to work around your busy schedule. You CANNOT neglect Skype for 20 days! Remember, you can be from any level of large-scale, texture-oriented design for these tasks. Thank you…

The domain is currently under construction.

Skype: michaelw352 (Always Available)

Game Screenshots:

Let your social pets swim in the water!

How much money can you make by owning this beautiful addition to Denver’s skyline?

Also, note that this project now has a stable record of activity, and is not going to be dead anytime soon! https://forums.unrealengine.com/images/smilies/cool.png


This position is now closed. Thank you for the overwhelming number of applicants, and interest in the Horizon project! If you applied for this position, then I will retain your information for any future positions.

Wow you do need a texture artist, I can barely see your logo on the first post of the thread…!!!

That would clearly be due to the fact that we have a darker color for our logo, and the theme of this forum does not help that. The logo is also on the profile picture. Remember, nothing is final…