Paid Job: Architecture modelling


I am looking for someone who has time in the forthcoming weeks to model some architecture.

I need a basic modelling of a structure (see “3D architecture” and “example_3D modelling” as example).

These model will need to have moderate realistic appearance. What I don’t want are these renderings with hardly any texture, like you can see in the small pictures.

You could receive data in different formats, as the plans are made in CAD. Also you would receive information about the texture of different materials as well as lighting information.

Probably we would need several variations in the course of time. At present I can’t tell you how many.

To beginn with I would need a rough estimates of the costs: Preparing the basic model and some standard furniture (one workingspace (one desk including chair), one sideboard, one planter / flower pots, one small (round) meeting table including some lounge chairs out of some material you typically find in offices).

Looking forward to your answers.

Kind regards, Rainer


I sent you a private message :slight_smile:

I’ve sent a private message, thanks for the opportunity!

PM has been sent, Thank you.

I have a lot of experience on architectural modeling:yes:

Hi, i am really interested on this job.

I have a lot of experience on architectural modeling.

Hi Rainer,

I have a good team of creative designers who are skilled in character design but we never had any project for Architecture Model. So I am unable to share the sample work but I am sharing some of our work so you can get an idea of out Art. We are capable of doing models of furniture and stuff you mentioned. please give us an opportunity to work on your project. For further talk, you can contact me: [email protected]

The job has been awarded now.

Thanks to all of you for your interest in this job and your great work! It was fantastic to look into the awesome work you all have shown on your webpages and you sent us per mail.

Kind regards, Rainer

These look great