Paid Job To Create Photo-realistic Bat Cave-Esque Interior

Technically the title is correct. I am hiring a 3D artist to create a photo-realistic interior of the “Mermalair” which is a nautical spongebob parody of the popular Bat Cave.

This photo shows what you will be replicating. I will give you some creative freedom on this project, and I will give you reference footage of the Mermalair artwork, the actual bat cave, and real cave structures. Your job will be to have fun and build a cool interior; based off of the reference footage, your own imagination, and any other details i give you. the final interior size is comparable to a soccer field (futbol field) and the height is comparable to an american football stadium hieght.

The final project I require from you will be a fully modeled interior with detailed textures, prepared for rendering in Cycles.

Please send me a message with your estimate on how much you would charge for this project, along with a sample of your portfolio.

Thank you!


Whoops, accidental post.

I’m interested in this job, but due to the size of the project… I’d say this is going to take about 2 weeks, if I worked 3 hours a day on it. Therefor, I could complete the project for about $200… If you’re interested, or would like to negotiate the price, please send me a PM, and view my portfolio.

PM has been sent. Thank you for the opportunity!