[paid] Lighting and simple material set-up

I am looking for someone to create a lighting and simple material set-up. When an object is assigned the material and put into the scene, it should look something like this:


I want the lighting set-up, not the modelling. So you could, for example, make the set-up using a Melitta tea pot. I am going to apply the lighting to a different object (not foetuses).

Please get in touch.

Do you mean something like that?

test_render0001-0015.mkv (36.3 KB)

Issue arises when light hits protrude geometry or cavity area.

test_render0001-0250.mkv (97.0 KB)

Maybe this?

Hi Kolloom,
I don’t know how to view the *.mkv file. Could you please send in a different file format?

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Hi! I think I’ve managed to create that lighting and material.
Would it be something like that?

I’ve sent you a link cause I can’t upload files yet.

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