(Paid) Programmer to create a few modeling tools


I am looking for a relative expert programmer who can create a few modeling/analysis tools for Blender.
The tools need to be performant and be integrated in the modeling workflow.

  • Section tools & clipping (to generate intersection curves through planes, updating in real time while modeling the mesh)
  • Curvature comb ( analyze the curvature flow of the mesh, upating in real time while modeling)
  • Planarize row (through view or best plane)
  • Replace empty (to replace an empty by another, keeping all parents in place)

Here a few examples for the expected tools:

Section tool:

Curvature comb (on mesh edges)

Planarize tool

We would start with the first tool which has the priorty and the other may start later.
If you think you have the skill required and the time at disposal, let’s have a chat about it.
To speed up the conversation, please come with a timeplan and a cost expectation.

Thank you,


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