Paid Work: Mid-Senior - Car Modeling from Scan Data


This is a paid job. Budget $500

I’m a tech artist and 3D scanning specialist working on some very low res van scans - and I’m in need of some technical training and guidance, preferably from a vehicle/car/ automotive specialist.

I’m exploring techniques for mobile scanning using my iPhone 12 - so I’ve been capturing this series of graffiti covered commercial vans.

I want to manually rebuild, animate, and render my scans beginning by referencing the scanned surface using a workflow like I found in this video (Free-form Modeling a VW PoloGTI Using 3D scan data)

Again, these scans I’m working with are very low res. So I understand if detail is lost. Ultimately I want to recreate the silhouette to the best of my ability so that the texture can be accurately reprojected.

So what I am looking for is someone who can post process one of my scans and record a video (or series of videos) breaking down the workflow. As for details - I want to see rotating tires, doors that open and close, windows that go up and down, and I’d like to finally learn how to quickly rig and animate my model using an addon like car rig pro.

If you are interested please contact me here or
by email @ [email protected]

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