Paint 3D is a real Pain for 3D

I for the life of me can’t figure out how I am supposed to get a model from paint 3d into blender, or any other modelling software for that, here is my dilemma:

In paint 3D, I can only export in 3 3D formats, GLB, FBX and 3MF, all 3 of which are god AWFUL, they’re not supported by any other remote god forbidden converter or 3d software, and as a result I can’t get it to blender, only exception being the FBX which only gives out garbage like this:

is there a way I can convert these files into something useful? I do not know how this is even possible but apparently it has been done before, a lot, I am lost and would appreciate ANY help.

If you import a .fbx file check in the outliner that it has imported all the objects. They be be imported but very very small. Either select and scale up or change the scale value in the .fbx import settings

You can save as a .3mf file and then open that in 3D Builder. This can save to .obj/.stl/.ply formats

When I save something in the 3mf format this is what comes out:

also, I did scale up the objects, but there’s only the jacket and the bones for the fbx.

AFAIK Paint3d is 2.5d program (object coordinates are calculated not in true 3d space, but relatively to your background canvas size in pixels). So no wonder that scaling does not translate properly into real 3d editor.