Paint a Normal Map + Color Texture simultaneously in texture painter?

I am trying to use the texture painter to both paint a color texture and a normal/height texture.

My trouble is that this is a two step operation, and alignment is difficult to maintain.

In the image below I have painted two textures (radioactive symbol, cracking concrete) as well as a normal map textures onto an unwrapped plane.

I can’t figure out a way to paint onto both textures simultaneously and must switch from:

  1. select radioactive color texture for brush.
  2. select color texture slot in texture painter.
  3. move mouse to position and click to paint .
  4. select radioactive normal texture for brush.
  5. select normal texture slot in texture painter.
    (Making sure camera has not moved)
  6. move mouse into last position as close as possible, click to paint normal highlights, pray it was aligned…

It’s a lot of steps, and dragging is out of the question…

Is there a better way to create these textures???

I am using GLSL shading so I can use one of the textures I am painting as a normal map similar to this video:


For now that’s is not available… but it can be done with the curve strokes, since the curve stays in the same place. Only a matter of changing the brush texture and the canvas.
or painting just as a mask, and use that to generate the color info, and the normal info.