Paint tube

Hi guys,

Although there are stuff to tweak around more, I consider it finished.

One thing that’s bothering me is the the very dark shadow with harsh edge.

Suggestions, comments, criticisms are always welcome:)

Thanks in advance.



This lead-style material on tube is very convincing.
Talking about blender internal renderer, try to use AO, in this case, make a warm (orange) sky and use sky color for AO. About lamps, use ray shadows, soft > than 1.00, 4-8 samples. An area or spot light is a better choice.
Nice, if this is a painting material, then its a funny color, I like it.

Looking good!! Yes, there is the dark shadow, but I’m not experienced enough to know how to fix that. What doesn’t seem right to me is the paint coming out of the tube. Any paint I have ever seen come from a tube is opaque, not translucent. The artist generally has to adjust that on the palette bye adding thinner. Other than that, I think it looks great!!


Nice render and model! Sure paint is thicker coming of the tube, but it looks cooler transparent IMO. Couple quick lighting tips, turn off shadows for one of those lights, try using an area light scaled real big with energy turned down to almost nothing to get rid of the glare.

Use the soft shadow settings in the lamp. Also you may want to consider three point lighting instead of two point. There are articles on the internet about this. youtube and may be helpful. I think the texture of the paint needs work. Too transparent and the shading just doesn’t work. The wood surface looks good and the texturing of the tube is convincing.

  • Floyd

Hi Michalis,

Thank you for your comment! It helps me a lot.

Nice to hear you like the material, and the paint color too:cool: Supposedly it’s a paint from outer space:D

Anyway, I never thought of changing the sky color to warm color… good point. And for AO and lamps, I should try using your suggested ray shadow setting.

Thanks again!!:slight_smile:

Hi Randy,

Thank you for your comment!! Very encouraging! I am very glad you liked it!

For the paint, yes, you are right, it should be opaque:yes:

And for this project, I should have mentioned, this was supposed to be ‘Paint from Outerspace’:eyebrowlift: I wanted to make it glow in the dark kind…

Bob from Monsters vs Alien was in my mind when I did this:)

Thanks again!!:slight_smile:


Thank you for the comment! It’s cool that you like the paint:cool:

Your lighting tip should help me a lot!! I will try your suggestions! Area light, i see…:wink:

Thanks again!!:slight_smile:

Hi Floyd,

Thank you for your comment!! Nice to hear you like my materials…

Soft shadow lamp setting, and I will check out the three point lighting and those links!!

Thanks again!!:slight_smile: