Paint3D .FBX Blender Import

So I have an interesting problem, and I have tried all posts I can find about this from both here and stack exchange to no avail.

I have exported a model from Paint 3D to Blender as an FBX. I can see it in object view, I can see it in Render Preview, but F12 yields just a grey blank…nothing. (LARGE Image Below “4K”) Direct if i messed it up:

Anyway, this is pretty much where I am at the moment. (Project File Attached.)

Attachments (1.25 MB)

Check your scene settings: You have one of the meshes set to be the camera - that doesn’t work. Switch this back to camera:

AHA! Thank you so very much. I didn’t even know you could set a mesh as a camera. Could be useful later when / if I start using reflections!