Paintball Gun (booleans and array)

Hey, im making a Spyder Victor 2 paint ball gun. Im doing this to experiment with some booleans and array modifiers. I only have one use for the array (never used one before) and i have been using the booleans a lot. Tell me what you think.


Maybe change the lighting and background, but from what I can see, it looks pretty good.

I changed the lighting and all but its a bit off and rendering takes a bit of time so for now its what i have. For some reason there are no shadows?? and the reflections are shotty because its not smoothed or anything and its only 32 sided circles (the booleans don’t give clean cuts) The rest i think looks pretty good. I also added a background but the holes in the board should be rounder.


try adding AO. that helped me when i was having lighting problems