I’ve been trying to create a paintball effect using dynamic paint, but I’ve run into some problems. First of all, I don’t think you can create a splatter effect with dynamic paint, so I set one of the paintballs to be a soft body and it gave me a decent result. I was using a particle system to fire the paintballs, but the canvas only recognized the particle so I couldn’t get it to splatter. Also, I couldn’t seem to get it to play the result back, can you not use image sequences in Cycles?

If anyone has ever tried this, let me know.

I’ve had some luck with using fluid meshes as dynamic paint brushes in the past…

Of course you can use image sequences in Cycles.

However, last time I did it, there was a tiny bug. You must not select all the images of the sequence in the file selector… Only the first one. If you select the whole sequence, everything seems to be working but no image is actually loaded. Silent failure. :eyebrowlift:

As for the splatter… hmmm… What about a ball of fluid particles dropped on a plane with collision enabled? (The way you create the Dynamic Paint images doesn’t need to look anything like the final result where they are used.) Maybe even Rigid Bodies which behave more realistically? (Never tested to mix Rigid Bodies with Dynamic Paint… yet.)