Painted textures don't stay?

I’m trying to learn how to texture paint and I’m running into a couple issues. If I select an object (object 1) and switch to texture paint mode, after I add a paint slot and simple UVs, I can paint right on the mesh. Great, this is what I want. Then if I decide I want to edit a different object in the same scene (object 2), or add a new object (object 3), when I select object 1 again and go back into texture paint mode, everything I painted is gone! Then it’s always a lot of trouble to even get Blender in a state where it will allow me to paint on that object again. Anyone know what’s going on here?

So I found out that after I paint a texture I have to save that texture from the UV/Image Editor to my file system as a separate entity. I had thought it was saved in the blend file when I saved the mesh.


Turn…Automatically Pack into .Blend file / ON…Menu line - File - External Data.

You can also Pack a file in UV/Image Editor - Menu line - Image - Pack Image.

Just remember allway’s save…In Uv/Image Editor - If there are a little * after Image in the Menu line…The Image is not saved.
Also work for the Blend file - Top left corner - if there are a * You’re .Blend file isen’t saved.


I believe it should. It doesn’t make sense to me that blender won’t automatically save whatever you’ve created, by default. Whom does it help, to have blender’s default behavior be “Forget that he ever painted a texture map. No one wants to save those. I’ll delete it as soon as he clicks Save”?

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If you like what you painted, fine, save it - as an individual file so that the pixel size of the image and the color depth and type is also permanent. Your image doesn’t feel right? Just alt-r in the UV Image Editor, and it will clear. Once you start painting, and realize your default isn’t going to cut it, you can use the panel in the N Panel of the UV Image Editor to adjust the x and y pixel count, and start over. You have the option to set up your image as 32 bit float to start with, and that is temporary until you actually save. If blender recorded and saved all your texture work as 32 bit exr, you would run out of memory on a simple multitexture object pretty quickly on small systems.

Even though Gimp and Photoshop save the painting work when you save the file - that is because you have already set up the defaults for your ‘new file’ to begin with when opening a new project, and they use a system of multi-layer imaging as their base project file. Blender doesn’t as of yet, a single image only per texture slot, and each is handled like a separate image project. In the Slots tab in Texture paint, if you have already saved your base images for painting before working, you can press ‘Save All Images’ and write all your changes to file before closing blender. I prefer to keep an UV Image Editor open to do fill painting and to save iterations with the + in the file dialog.

With all we have gotten over the last 3-4 years in painting and sculpting, I am sure that eventually we might see image support for .psd or .ora files so that we can have multi layer support.

It’s always better to save a Blender-created texture into its own file instead of only packing it.
The reason is that if the devs make some change that break packed file, you can simply lose all of your work.

Recently by example they made a change fro Blender 2.75 that made it so blend created with it would lose the packed textures if you opened such blend with 2.74 or earlier, apparently they re-changed it but you can never be 100% sure with all those changes coming and going.

Better always save a texture into a file to prevent problems.

Good advice, but I feel the best solution would be for the blender software to help me: it shouldn’t quietly (and secretly) assume I don’t want to save something I just worked on. The default assumption should be, at least, that I want to be told about an unsaved thing before it’s too late.

Maybe the ‘Save All Images’ button should be front and center right there under the color picker, forcing people to press it and realize they need to save image to disk. Other than that, make a suggestion that works beyond just ‘blender should know’ - something that details your expectation of how it should be handled so that a dev might be able to figure out how to improve based on that suggestion.

Changes happen all the time, no telling what the future brings.

OK, here’s my detailed description of what I expect:

When I create something (anything) in blender, I want blender to assume that the thing I created should be saved, unless I explicitly tell it otherwise by clicking or some other interface input.

In other words, I don’t want blender to ever assume that my work should be removed until/unless I tell it to remove it.

This should be true of anything I make in blender: material, mesh, text note, SCULPT BRUSH… anything. If the user made it, you should save it. That’s what you should do, blender, first and foremost. Assume I want to save it.

That’s all. I don’t think that’s too much to ask of an art creation program, nor is it an unusual expectation. It doesn’t make sense for blender’s default behavior to sometimes change to “even though he didn’t indicate any preference, I’ll just go ahead and delete that.”


I’m a noob…But I think why Blender do not save any thing before You accept it is…It will make the file bigger and Blender slower.

Texture paint is not so easy as it could be but if You remember a few step it work pretty good.

If You add a plane - go Texture paint - add Uv and a slot - and start painting and then use the - Save all images in T panel.
You will see a invalid path - in menuline - Save the Blend file - open it again go texture paint - You will see Your painted texture in T panel…But not on Your plane…If You start paint Your painting will disappear in the T panel…That’s strange…Hmm

If You save Your Texture in Uv/image editor F3 to Your hard disk and save the Blend file it work.

You can then use the save all images in the T panel and it will save Images to the Blend file…But not to the the file on Your Hard disk…If You wan’t a backup You need to use F3

Also the save all images only work if You remember to save Your Blend file.

I use daily build and I can paint on more than 1 texture without missing other painting.

Hope this make a little sense…It got dam’n confused…:slight_smile:


Seeing so many of these threads and than 2.80 still doesnt have such a feature. Why…???