PAINTicle - PAINT with particles

I’m currently working on an add-on, that allows painting textures with particles. It’s currently in proof of concept state, but I want to release it as soon as it gets a bit more mature. Anyhow I wanted to open this thread to collect opinions and ideas what other fellow blender users would expect when working with such an add-on.

Here are two work-in-progress videos showing PAINTicle in action. Drawing onto Suzanne with a 4k texture map:

…and “storm-trooper Suzanne” gets hit by some lasers

On my to-do list are still topics like

  • Improve stability
  • Improve simulation performance (utilize GPU)
  • Allow for more flexible simulation (introduce more forces, evaluate normal-maps during simulation. Maybe introduce some kind of simulation nodes)
  • Multi-channel painting (having the particles not only affect a single texture, but multiples)

What would you like to see in such an add-on?


I don’t do much texture painting these days, but this is well done, keep it up!
Would be nice to see the texture update while the sim is running, but I guess that’s not really feasible?

Nice. I like what I see, but as MACHIN3 says would be nice if you could get some type of preview while the sim is running otherwise it feels very slow and clunky to use.

Thanks a lot. Will keep on working :slight_smile:
I had the continuous update at the beginning of my development until I noticed too much lag on larger textures. Currently the add-on decides on the texture size whether it’s continuously updating the texture or not. Textures larger than 1 megapixel can’t show the result interactively due to performance limitations on blender’s pixel manipulation API. There’s a short video with a small texture size available on Twitter (but they were recompressing it to death :frowning: ):


Is it possible to get the interactive paint on a temporal lower resolution copy of the current texture just to get the visual feedback and then get the sim applied to the target texture?

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That’s a good idea. I also wanted to try to draw the simulated full res texture myself on top of the viewport. It would not have the effect of the correct material shading, but would use the full res. I also might offer several options in the preferences how to handle the non-performant cases.