Painting color and normals simultaneously

Hello there !
It seems this question is unresolved :
If I want to paint let’s say wood color and normals on a part of my mesh, how would I do that?
Painting it once for each layer (color then normals) will produce a mismatch between the texture coordinates.
It’s important to keep the whole model on one material (of course normals and metallic are on separate textures) because I’ll use it for a game, so need to keep the draw calls at minimum.

I just can’t get it right, been looking for that solution for years.
Is ArmorPaint supposed to do that?

Thank you very much !

Not entirely sure what you mean by painting normals, but you can paint black and white masks and use them with fill layers.
Mix colors, add bump, plug into metallic…

Mix more layers for more complicated things.
You can adjust them and use for other maps: for example, plug through gray ColorRamp and you can use new values to adjust roughness.

And when you happy with the texture use Cycles to bake your layers into a set of maps for your game engine.


I guess this is the workflow I was looking for, I’m going to search how to bake the resulting map (when I’ll repeat the process one the same texture for wood, paint, concrete… for example).

To simplify the question, I just want to make a room like this hold on to a single set of textures :