Painting robots

“If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”
Vincent van Gogh

Done in Blender, rendered in Cycles. Post-processed in Photoshop.


Wonderful work! How much time did you spend on this?

Thanks, Duffy. It was about 2 weeks.

I love the atmosphere and the colour palette. Really beautiful, congrats!

Amazing ! Nice comp/color for a really nice job.
Would be happy to see more about your workflow (3D/2D stuff, hand painting , moodboard etc…) !


bobizib, it’s an interesting idea!

lovely mode, good modeling, rendering, lighting, and composition.
totally worth the two weeks, well done.

Man they should just let you post on top row, cause every post from you goes there :D, love to see your workflow

This is absolutely amazing. Belíssimo trabalho.

Great ! Whe can see the base render ?

This rises to another level Blender/Cycles… One of the best renders I’ve seen, congrats!

thanks! Nowadays there is a whole lot of cool Cycles renders, really )

Awesome work, as usual. I love the way you blend your robot into the background. I’m blown away

Absolutely amazing!!! Love the texturing, the details, and the overall mood! :yes:

very beautiful work, as always, and the story told is interesting

This is amazing,

Remind me the frantic cleaning robbot in Wall-E, one of my favourite animation movie.

Very impressive work.
Is the robot rigged?

that looks great!

Beautiful work.

Really beautifull. Very nice comp/colours!!!