Painting Texture Ends Up Pixelated

Hey guys, I’m really new to blender and running into some issues when texturing some models I’ve made.
So basically when I texture paint a texture onto a certain model of mine, the texture ends up really pixelated and low quality, even though the picture I am using to texture paint with looks perfectly fine.
Here is the image I am using:
And here is what it looks like when I paint it onto the model:

Any ideas as to why this is happening and how I can fix it?

What resolution is the texture map you are painting on? and for UV maps try to take up as much space with it as possible.

Either pixelated because your image texture has a low res or the image you are painting on.

The images res is 1209 x 1197 and the texture map im painting on is 2048 x 2048. As far as I know, I am using as much of the UV map as possible, but again I’m pretty new to this so I could be missing something. Another thing is that when I zoom out a lot and paint the picture on the model, it stops being pixelated, almost like the model is tiny or something even though its not. And when I scale it up nothing changes.

Look at the left side of your screenshot. The portion you’ve painted is very, very small, about 1/9th of your image width. With a 2k image it’d be in the ballpark of mere 200x100 pixels, and in the viewport you’re seeing that scaled up to about 700x700 pixels. The smaller the area of the UV island, the fewer pixels it gets. If you need more image detail on a particular area, you need to give it more UV space.