painting the Nurbs

I have discovered the Nurbs… been playing around with them a little … trying to create a dog and cat with them… but I don’t see a way to paint them… I can apply a color Material of one color, but haven’t seen a way to paint one with two different colors… Like I want to make the cat an orange and black stripped cat… Using Mesh, I can apply two different colors to the object, but I’ve not been able to model the cat to look too good yet… still working on it all… but was wondering if there is a way to paint the nurbs with more than one color …
I don’t have a file to look at because I have just been playing around with them and haven’t saved one as yet…


Convert the nurbs object to a mesh object (Alt+C)

Yep ^^^

I tried a similar thing trying to mix materials on nurbs objects - and found it couldn’t be done. From a material point of view - the nurb is one object.

Best thing to do is as suggested - model using the nurbs - then once you are happy - convert it to a mesh and apply materials.

thank you… I was thinking that was what I might have to do… appreciate the reply
have a good day