Painting with materials (addon market research)

Hopefully Blender is getting PBR viewport rendering soon. I thought that maybe this is a good occasion to add layered material painting. The gif below depicts early prototype of what I am thinking about.

This addon’s primary focus is to paint with materials, not paint materials. However it is possible to widen range of functionality to cover editing layered materials (with some constraints).

Planned features:

  • Material layers as shader nodes
  • Adding/Deleting/Moving layers
  • Memory optimization: one channel per mixing layer
  • Baking passes (normal, diffuse, glossy, metalness/roughness, bump, disp etc.)
  • Baking presets for PBR materials compatible (as much as possible) with other programs
  • Converter for materials (materials need special node setup)
  • Generated gradients as mixing factors (bakeable to texture)
  • Layered textures (however, this point is being covered by other developers)

Would you like to see this in Blender? Depending on your feedback I will decide whether to pursue this idea further and search for funding options or not.


ndee has been working on a painting addon. Perhaps you could compare notes in some way. But yes, I would guess that improved, layered painting is high on many people’s wish lists.


>>>>addon market research

What do you mean about?

Market research of blender addons market segment. Sorry for confusing wording.