Paintshop or Photoshop?

well…I’m getting one of the two…unless anyone has any better suggestions. which should i get?(I’m going to use it for texture painting) and about how much do they both cost? I also want to be able to use one of those computer drawing pad things, im gonna get one when i buy one of those two. so what do you think?

Why not GIMP for Windows. Should be more than enough for texture painting. Or do you have any specific requirements that the GIMP cannot fulfill?

I prefer Photoshop to PSP. If you buy Photoshop, or any other Adobe program, at the student price, the price is cut a great amount! The only downside is the the student license prohibits you from selling anything you make with the program. Other than that, it is fully loaded.

I also have the Wacom Intuos2 9x12 tablet. It is awesome! Im not sure if it can be done in PSP, but in Photoshop, you can make the tools pressure and tilt sensitive to the pen so that, say brushes, can have their opacity, color, size jitter, etc. affected by how hard you press.


Both are good programs, but I prefer Photoshop too. Photoshop has been the standard in the industry for a long time, works seamlessly with other Adobe products (like Premiere), and personally, I found it pretty easy to learn. On the negative side, it’s not cheap and alot of it’s more recent improvements are more for the print industry than what a 3D artist might need. I’ve tried GIMP, and it’s also a great program, especially for free, but (in my opinion) has a pretty steep learning curve (like Blender). If you just want an app to produce simple textures, any paint app will do. If you want to work with the industry standard, but want to save a couple bucks, why not buy an older version on eBay? I saw full, legal copies of PS 6.0 going for under $100US there.


Mirage is pretty sweet, too. But it’s more expensive than photoshop.

It is really sweet for animation, though.

Photoshop clearly wins. It’s my main tool in jobs.

I have also used PSP.
But PSP is imho the best at its price, for doing photoshop like editing.

For wacom pen-tablet painting, the free Art Rage, Pixia, Open Canvas(my favourite), Painter, or the free open canvas beta, if u’r lucky to find it.

Gimp does a lot of the needed stuff. Windows version is very mature now, very serious package. It works withthe wacom as if it were a mouse. No pressure sensitive, but accurate and no mor eproblems.

Gimp will do the job for you, surely.

Is more a matter on if you like the interface.

I like the gimp. I have photoshop elements and paintshop/animation shop. Between paintshop and photoshop I would say paint shop is more geared toward original graphics creation, hence the tablet would be more useful there, but to be honest the only thing I use my tablet for is Corel Painter.

I’ve owned both PSP and Photoshop. PSP has 99% of the features I’ve ever needed (creating logos and manipulating textures), for a very reasonable price. Photoshop looks better on your CV, has a much wider professional support base, more features, and generally better GUI and workflow… in exchange for a very heavy, but still reasonable, price.

In short, I consider PSP to be a poor man’s Photoshop.

Yes, I need to learn Gimp. As it is, I use PSP 6 which I got used for about $25 at a Half Price Books. I don’t have many 2D needs yet but as I improve my 2D skills they should increase and I’ll have to learn how to fully use the Gimp.

photoshop is deffinately the best choice, but looking at the GIMP, makes you wonder if you want to spend all that money!

there is a plug-in for win-GIMP, that makes the interface behave like PS

I dont have the link handy…

I use the GIMP