Palette - a big render button etc.

It would be great to see these working with blender…

A slider to zoom? Isn’t the scroll wheel much easier? Considering that I keep my left hand on the keyboard for shortcuts, it would be annoying to have to move it back and forth between the keyboard and those gizmos. It’s annoying enough to have to move over to the right side of the keyboard to reach the ‘P’ or ‘I’.

Steve S

I think the draw for me is not having to hunt and peck with my left hand for shortcuts when I have my right hand on the mouse (i.e. be able to work without looking down at the the keyboard). If I can have some jumbo buttons for common functions surrounding the keyboard (mine is pretty small so no over stretching) it might be more efficient.

I’m not sure a slider would work as a zoom though, as zooms in Blender are almost infinite and you would run out of slider (or end up only moving it a couple of mm each time). Maybe the dials could be used for rotating and the sliders for parameters.

I was just throwing it out there any way because it looked cool!

3 dials, and sitting in the Node compositor and imagine it´s resolve ^^ but it could be useful. change two channels at once.

That didn’t cross my mind Aermartin, but changing two channels at once could be useful and time saving.

Ha ha, maybe not quite a Resolve, but with enough of the right kind of hardware the keyboard could be relegated to text input.