Palm Pilot Clie

I’m modelling a Palm Pilot Clie. I’m not very good at modelling right now so I need C&C.

(Left- side view, Middle- Front View, Right- Back View)

…it would be easier to comment if the image was bigger and rendered without AO - and you might add a wire image.

clie’s arent that thick, either.

Alright, I fixed the thickness. I got to set up good light so I’ll have it done by tomorrow. I’ll also have it bigger. Thanks for the C&C’s so far and I hope to get more to improve my modelling as much as I can.

Well, here is a bigger render. It took forever cause I set AO to 10 samples. Next time I’ll just set up lighting. C&C welcome.
Sorry about the side view. It’s a little crooked. I know I have to fix the part where the screen goes as well. Tell me what you think

come on you guys, please reply

Well, the m0deling looks sound so your next thing to do is texture it. But I’m think you already figured that out… But you wanted someone to reply. Also, it’s a little dimly lit.

Are you using an area light? If not, add one the soft shadows look good, but be careful, an area light w/ AO should probably be set with a power of 0.200 or so.

The modellling isn’t done yet. I still have to do the buttons and some more detail… I’ll post it up when i am done with the buttons because I got to figure out a way to do it. I think I might just try an area light by it’s self. Would that make good lighting.

Here is another quick preview at the progress. I’ll have a better render when I add more detail.

Does anyone know where i could find good textures to use?? If I have to, I’ll just take a picture of the Palm pilot I"m using to model it, but it won’t turn out as good.

I am so dissapointed. I love do to the modelling but I can’t texture anything. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: Here is the bad texturing job on my Palm PILOT. I’m ashamed !

BTW I’m not finished texturing it, I dont’ think I will either.