Pancake [with short Animation]

(edi) #1


I had the idea for this project when I saw a cg pancake that was created with Max(or Maya) and Realfow. I was pretty sure that Blender is capable of delivering a similar result.

First I created some real pancakes for texturing and as reference images (yumyum).:wink:

I modeled them in Blender and created the textures in Gimp. Fluid dynamics were also done in Blender. (Kudos to the developers who added the offset feature to the fluid simulator. This makes life a lot easier. Thank you!)

At the end I rendered the final scene in Yafaray.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

(Samuel Mancas) #2

Amazing! I really like this! I can’t wait for the day I get good enough to do stuff like this :smiley:

(sick) #3

Delicious! :slight_smile:

Awesome materials, can you explain more about setting them in yafaray?

(XeroShadow) #4

Make the pancakes bigger.

(walshlg) #5

LOL, very cute and well done

(tomket7) #6

Ohh, it’s cool!!! :slight_smile:

(Alvaro) #7

Nice work !!! can you tell us a bit about your render settings please?

(Bintang Senja) #8

Realy Good… I never use yafaray before… but maybe you can share the shader of the honey… ?

(12345franny) #9

This looks yummy… :smiley: I wish I can be good enough to make things like this.

(edi) #10

Thank you very much for your kind comments.

I have created a small blend with some materials of the scene. You can grab them here.

The render settings are almost default for direct lighting. For the animation I have changed the AA samples to 4 (default value is 1)

The still was rendered with a higher photon value (2000000) and 12 AA samples, 4 AA Passes and 16 additional Passes (i wanted the dof as smooth as possible ;)), camera aperture was 0.03.

There were no lights in the scene. The whole lighting was done with a light probe. Unfortunately the light probe was pretty low res resulting in squarish light reflections on the objects (e.g. on the table).

BTW critics are also welcome. :slight_smile:

(Andreu) #11

Very cool render and animation! Only one crit: maple syrup does not flow like that. Right now it reacts more like honey—which may be what you intended :slight_smile:

PS: And I agree, pancakes need to be bigger. Can I have blueberry pancakes?

(edi) #12

:smiley: … You want blueberry pancakes? Give me a minute…

I agree with you. Syrup seems to have a smaller viscosity which makes it run much faster than my fluid sim.

Thank you for feedback.

(Riofranco) #13

I always said that Yafaray rocks guys !!! Well done !

(FlykeR) #14

It looks sooooo tasty :slight_smile:

(Omnamah) #15

Brilliant. I just think the jittery movement of the mosquito makes it harder to focus on your work (or was Vimeo just glitching out?).
I think the flow of the syrup looks realistic (maybe it’s thicker here in the UK?) but I would say that no one can hold their hand that still when pouring.
Brilliant work, and I love the mosquito concept.

(edi) #16

Thank you.

The jittery movement of the mosquitoCam is intentional. Originally I wanted to move the cam to the mosquito sound. I baked the sound to an F-curve and set up a driver to the local z-axis of the camera. At first it looked good, but I made one big mistake. I did not listen to the whole sound file before starting with the project, just to find out that the volume level dropped almost to zero at some parts (of course I noticed that after rendering :confused:). I remixed the sound in Audacity and killed the match between the F-Curve and the sound file. Luckily the difference is not that bad. :slight_smile:

(ForgottenWorld) #17

good scene, a little too much DOf for my tast tho…