Panel Gap in Cars

Hey guys

Wondering about how you model cars’ panel gap. I’d like to know whether or not to add panel gap as I go, or at the end. The way I’m doing it now is like this: Model the whole car, making the topology follow the panel gap, and then i separate the sections after the modeling is done. Is this an efficient way to do it?


I’m not sure what “panel gap” is, but I think you might do better to model individual sections, then place them next to one another, rather than modeling the whole thing in one piece and then trying to cut it apart. My experience is that cutting pieces out of complex meshes (particularly if using Boolean modifiers) just makes for meshes that are far higher poly than they have to be.

Add them as you go.

Thanks guys!

When modeling pieces separately it’s likely that their mesh topology won’t align/match compared than cutting apart pieces from a single model. Is this a problem or is it generally accepted? Some individuals are very picky on this.

Here’s an example on a car I modeled recently:


Yes, that was what I was talking about; the topology from panel to panel not matching.