Panel layout on Windows Vista with a display in portrait orientation


is there anything I could do to tell blender running on Windows Vista-based machine with a display on portrait orientation to properly detect the width of a window available to layout those floating and collapsable/expandable subforms accordingly so I can use them all?

Currently my display is rotated using support by graphics adapter. The desktop is 1024 pixels wide and 1280 pixels tall now. On running blender there is a “Buttons Window” at bottom. The contained subforms are exceeding the window’s and the desktop’s borders at left and right hand side.

On switching back to landscape orientation everything’s fine. How do I tell Blender about my real desktop “width”?


You can scroll and zoom the Buttons window just as you would in the 3d View, so as to make the panels fit. Panels can also be collapsed and expanded as needed, which will conserve space. Beyond that, you can group/ungroup the various tabs of any panel as well.

Once you get it set up the way you like it, be sure to save it as part of the User Defaults (Ctrl+U).