Panelled Study

This a recent project for a customer who wanted a re-desgin of their study, including all new furniture and panelling.

Rendered with Cycles in Blender 3.1


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks very much Bart! Have a great weekend.

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I usually don’t look to much at archiviz renders… but this one got me… ithink it was the buldged mirror to “see” more of the room and after reading the …re-design… thing: Interesing! … the overall use of mirrors at the top and even in the shelfs (i only knew the use of this in mini bars :wink: )… nice idea. some assets aren’t very detail but that doesn’t matter… (the distance between the door and the first chair seems a bit narrow but that may be an optical illusion).


Thanks for the comments! I think the chair just about squeezes in but you’re right, it is pretty close :smiley: