I’ve been studying skin/flesh. I feel good about this, but I also feel like i’m not content. I’m trying to plan how to move forward, I feel kinda stuck, but I’m not sure what I am stuck on T_T Maybe I should work on a different part of the character for a bit.

So this character isn’t supposed to be 100% realistic looking. So more of a comic book kinda caricature. I plan to add some tattoos and some other details, like little subsurface computer chips here and there, like little indications he’s been augmented. I’m worried that I cram too much stuff in some times.


I think he looks great! I don’t know how much more you can do in real-time but what you have here is very well done. His skin looks porous and human and I really like the subtle markings and scars throughout. I think you did a fantastic job with the modeling as well.

You’re being too kind to me c:

I guess I will take another step with him and work on his robotic parts soon!

I think the weakest point(s) are the ears, their detail level doesn’t match the rest of the model.
HTH - Jerry

Yeah there’s some unfortunate normals there. I’m probably gonna add to them to deal with those areas on the next pass.