Panoramic Shot? (360, dunno how)

I remember seeing something about this on this board quite awhile back; but I also recall that in that thread it wasn’t fully explained HOW to do this.

Can someone explain to me how I can accomplish this? I have an interior room that I’d like to give a complete 360 render of (showing everything) but enabling the Panoramic button doesn’t do it, so I know there’s something I’m not doing yet. Am I supposed to have multiple camera’s pointing out from the center of the room or what?

Help =|

I’ve never done this but if you are on windows and have Quicktime installed have you tried rendering out using the QT VR movie thing? Or does it need to be a 360deg in an image?

Kalshion, check out this script:

The Blender Go Cubic script should be just what you’re looking for. Quicktime VR can be used to display the resulting renders (requires a tool to put into the correct format I believe) - just google QTVR for more info. I also recall that someone developed a Flash tool to display 360 renders as well - should be somewhere on the blenderartists forum.

Thank ya =)