Paper Curl ?????????

Using a grid in conjunction with a curve/modifier. Looks like hell… I tried subdividing the curve, still… and I tried a plane and a grid at all mesh levels. Anyone have a quick tutorial for me… I’m hurting here. It sounds easy in theory but it’s not panning out as I’d expect.

Many many thanks!:cool:

there is an example of this in the wiki for the curve modifier

have a look at it !

you simply need to subdivide the paper object several times for it to bend around the curve
and form a curl

hope it helps

Actually tried this, still looked odd. The geometry stretches… I assume I need to subdivide the hell out of it. I did several times, I did it so much that my computer slowed down. I think what I’m wanting is a curve modifier that doesn’t stretch the mesh… but I assume to run it along a curve that is what is happening. I think that made sense.

I don’t think it is stretching it only bending

do you have a mapping on this ?

and can youi show a pic of it would be easier to see wht you mean !

I don’t think it is stretching it’s only bending it !

you also have the bending modifier in simple modifier
you could try this one

did you check out the curl film in the curve modifier
is it about what you want ?

and you don’t really need to subdiviede that much may a few times not 100 times

so it should not slowdown anything !

happy blendering

I would actually model that out, unless it needs to be animated. If it doesn’t you’d have the most control by just starting with maybe 3 verticies/edges and extruding into the bend shape you want using as few extrusions as possible to define your shape. Then use subsurf.

also don’t forget to use reference. Not sure what kind of paper curl you want, but i think you should try typing “curled paper” into google images.

you culd also make a spiral with n turns and then exrude it !

i mean depend waht you want to do !