Paper Swans, my WC entery

Topic speaks for it self and I hope the picture does the same:

Nothing very original, post pro done in Photoshop.

( vissiin pikku typo nimmarissa? :slight_smile: )


perskule… noh korjattu on. Piru kun ei osaa nimeäänkään enää kirjoittaa.

Too much post production I think

E qual é a graça de escever em uma lingua que as outras pessoas não entendem?
And what’s the fun in writting in another language that other people don’t understand?

Oh, Basse just had enough grace to infrom me of something little in finnish, so only a small group of Finns would know of my shame…

And what comes to post pro, you might be right, but that’s what I did. We’ll see if I change that or not.

Personally I think the usage of basic Photoshop filters hurts it a little, as they are pretty easily identifiable, but it’s not a big problem. It still looks good.

Yes, the use of Photoshop filters isn’t the most original thing to do. At first I just ran the glow filter on it in Blender, but it still did look little plain so I then decided to run PS filters and came in conclusion, that this looks decent enough for WC.

Using my rudimentary understanding of Finnish I’ve come to the conclusion it’s something about a typo… %|

Anyway, nice picture, basically same crits as everyone, ps filters, etc… But hell, if that’s the look you’re going for… Honestly it looks like the sort of thing you’d see in a dentist’s office or something of that sort. :smiley:

I think its really nice, Hippie! I think some ripples on the surface of the pond, particularly surrounding the “swan” on the lower-right, would add a nice touch!

Nice, but I would have made the “neck” of the “swan” longer, and thinner.

Jolly good image none the less.