I hope this is the right place for placing this thread…
I’ve been working with Blender for some time now, and I started at it because of my hobby, papercrafting. When I heard that emu had a script for unfolding the models, that’s all I needed to dive into it and start producing my own papercraft.
So far I’ve produced two of them, but they’re not fully built yet (well, one has been successfully test-built). Anyway, I’d like to show a bit.
My intention here is just to showing what you can do with Blender and emu’s Export Paper Model script.
So here’s my Groizer X. Groizer X is an Japanese anime from the late 70’s, which was called “O Pirata do Espaço” (The Space Pirate)

The Groizer X

And some pics of the WIP

The “chest” and “head”

and one of the wings

And I’ve got a Sting sword, too!

Here’s my Sting

That’s one view…

And another

Part of the unfolded blade in Inkscape