Papertoy made with Blender

This is a papertoy made with Blender 2.66 and Blender 2.49b. It can be used as a container for candy or gifts.
The Blender 2.66 is used by the facilities offered by looptools addon (flatten and relax faces for facilitate unfolding).
Blender 2.49b is used for unfolding the 3D model.I need export the model from Blender 2.66 to .obj format, and import this in Blender 2.49b for unfolding work. The old B-paperizer script is used and the .svg unfolded pattern is edited in Inkscape using their snapping tools.

The original model is Shin Tanaka design. This is my version.

This is such a cute idea! Will you making variations of these? These are so marketable (not sure if you are interested in that).