Parent to Bone

Can anyone tell me how to properly set up the armature parenting for mechanics. It looks like the parent to bone option is no longer available. I’ve been experimenting with other ways by creating a vertex group for the entire mesh and this works, but all objects that are parented to the deforming mesh no longer follow. :frowning:
I’ve looked through the documentation but can’t find anything in reference to mechanics, just normal mesh deformation. Help please…

Select the Mesh Object, Shft-Select the Armature, goto Pose mode and select the Bone you want to parent the mesh to, Ctrl-P, Make Parent To Bone.


Thanks Fligh %

I didn’t realize I could do parenting in pose mode. I was trying to do it all in object mode :expressionless: I learned something new. Do you happen to know (in theory) why it was set up this way? Anyway thanks again.

Pre 2.40 you could only select an Armature and a Mesh together in Object mode. They changed that now so they also changed the way to get there. Much more useable now.


I agree. Thanks for the reply.