Parent to Empty script

There’s been some cool activity refering Blender’s outliner recently, that made me remember of this little script… it is an attempt to simplify the handling of many objects in a scene.
It will create an empty -and a group if you want- and parent/link selected objects to that empty/group… you can change name and other settings from toolshelf or use F6.


a very simple script but anyway:

  • name: for the empty and the group if created
  • create group: so you can use the groups view of outliner
  • cursor location: create at selection center or at cursor
  • rename objects: add the name as a prefix for each children

great, thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hey, cool script idea. Cuts out a couple of steps. Very effective when groups are not appropriate (or ideal) for organizing objects. I know I often organize with empties.

thanks guys, I do use empties a lot to organize objects…
it won’t break existing hierarchies now, could be better though

great drag and drop feature you are working on SCUEY!

This could be really cool. Sadly, it’s gone as of today.

here’s an updated script, it’s very simple but I still use from time to time

I replied on the thread he started. Parent to empty is still there. It looks like they removed the panel to maybe clean up a little.

Thanks for this script, liero. So simple but it`s such an improvement in my workflow. Very happy about this!

+1 , good idea :slight_smile: !

An update for 2.8 would be great, need this :slight_smile:

it’s in nightly 2.8 builds in add mesh extra objects

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So awesome!!! Thx