Parent Without Parenting?

Hi all,

I’ve got a question- is it possible to parent an object to another object without using the parent actuator/ menu option?

I ask because in my tinkerings, children do not get fully influenced by physics- is it possible to get the location of a target object and use that to move another (sort of like a manual slow parent)?



perhaps with constraints?

Try rigid body joint constraints.

If you want full control, you could use Python…

parentPos = myObject.worldPosition
childPos = myChildObject.worldPosition
myChildObject.worldLinearVelocity = parentPos - childPos * 2

In this case the child object would be accelerated to get to the parent position in half a second.
You may transform the vector as much as you want, so you have full control, but won’t get physical correct behavior in most cases.

For physical correct behavior, you should use the rigid body joints.

With rigid body constraints I can get the child to follow, but it seems to not rotate or act ‘snake like’. If possible could you do a quick block demo?

Many thanks


The rigid body child may need to be rigid body for it to rotate and such. Also, ensure it’s not too close to the parent, or disable collisions with the parent object.

Ahh, got it! Ball joint it is plus rigid body! Cheers for all your help!