Parenting and shape keys breaking! (solved)

I am using Blender 2.48a. (love it!) I am animating a piece of paper flying around with a combination of things including a simple lattice. I am also using the cloth feature.

My problem is that when I create shape keys for my lattice everything works great until I render or bake the cloth dynamics. Then for some reason I can no longer edit shape keys or make new ones. Also my parenting seems to screw up and my paper that I am animating won’t move when I move its parent. The animation that was done up to that point is still fine however.

I hope this is clear. Can anyone tell me what is going on? I keep having to start over.

Thank you.:o

So someone told me about the free cache button. That fixes all my shape key problems and parenting breaking. Thanks!

Ok… so someone told me about the “free cache buttton”. I found it and that stopped my shape keys and parenting from breaking. Problem solved.