parenting group empties

When parenting group empties to another object, the group objects do not follow along.
The empty itself seems to behave correctly as well as any other objects parented to it.
Just the group members duplicated on the empty stay where they are.

any workarounds? is this a bug?

example here:
cube is parent,
icosphere is in the group
cylinder is parented to the group empty
dupligroup.blend (543 KB)

Groups don’t move items in the game engine, they are for selecting items in the ui, or easily grabbing / appending

Parenting = move together

Rigid body joint = move together using physics

yes the grouped objects don’t move. they are on a hidden layer otherwise you can’t even create instances of them.
It’s the instances a dupligroup creates that don’t move along with their instancer object

I found a workaround. after spawning the group instance, run a one time script on the instanced object with setParent to the parent of the instance empty (you can access that with groupObject and it’s parent with .parent).
basically something like this:

object = logic.getCurrentController().owner
parent = object.groupObject.parent

after that you can even remove the group object to clean up your scene