Parenting IK Bones?

Hi to all. It might be a very stupid question, but I can’t find any solution to it: is there any way to parent an IK bone with its controller bone?

I need those two bones to be connected, but if I parent each other, the IK stops working properly. :frowning: In the above picture, the controller bone is unparented.

I can’t apply alternative fixes such as using constraints on the controller bone, I must keep each other attached so that they belong to the same bone hierarchy (the reason for that is that I’m exporting a rigged character from Blender to Unreal Engine 4 and, if I keep the IK controlled hands and feet disconnected, they fall from the rest of the body when applying ragdoll physics, as the engine detects that those bones don’t belong to the root hierarchy).

Is there anyway to attach the controller bone while keeping it in the main bone hierarchy and without breaking the IK constraint? Why does the IK stop working when the controller bone and the yellow bone get parented?

Advanced thanks!

don’t know if help, but you can create an additional chain without the IK, and use cope rotation to make it copy the ik movement.
It is working something like this:

the controler for the animtor will be able to move farther, but the deformation bone will not. so the character will look good.