Parenting improvements

Will there be improvements in the parenting usibility?

Me bothers a lot:

  1. There is no Scene-Node-Hierarchy manipulation over the Tree-View (dragn drop).
  2. You cant going one parent up in hierarchy by clicking the up key for example. (Ability for selecting the parent from one of his child that is currently selected)
  3. When selecting one parent node in viewport, the child nodes are not highlighted in some way. The lines that showing that they are connected are not enough.
  4. I think there is no instancing of hierarchies, so that when i use an empty as simple Transform-Node i cant instanciate the full hierarchy of it. Means if i add a new child to it all instances should have this new object too. (I have always do deep copy)

I know who knows Maya will miss those functionalities.

I assume that parenting will get some more love after the depsgraph refactor

That would be awesome. Scene Organizing is in Blender very bad when you look at Cinema4d or Maya, for example. Blender has more potential be a very good 3d-application.

I worked with Cinema4D and a lot with Maya. And Blender is not good as Maya, but it has so much potential. There are a lot of things i cant bare in Blender.

Like the “non continuous moveable 3D-Cursor” in Viewport. But there is a script out there which brings me such feature. My version is a little bit modificated, but the raw script is awesome. And i cant understand why it isn’t implemented as default. Is there someone who can tell me why it isn’t implemented?

Is there someone who can tell me why it isn’t implemented?

Because different people use Blender different ways. Get involved. Why don’t you email Ton and ask him to change Blender the way you want it?

Most of what you suggest could be scripted as an AddOn. I often see new users come in and wonder why Blender does not work like Program X.

I am trained in programming. I am a coder, yes. Will i involved in Blender ? … good question.

But first back to the things i want see in Blender so much that i criticise.

That are not things where you can say that changes Blender in a way that others would say something like I hate it now, because this are not things that changes the Blender workflow. It improves the Blender workflow at most.

But yes there are many things too i hate about the control in Blender. When you use other application after working a lot with Blender you know what i mean. You will be confused for the first time, because Blender don’t use standards. Other application try to use standards. And this has his reasons.

But control ist not the problem. Missing features.

please try the script and you will know what you are missing! Without this script i wouldn’t know what to do in Blender.

And then you can say to me why it shouldn’t be implemented as default! I don’t know how much i changed the script. But my script based on this script. So this script could be improved too for more awesomeness!

I have written many scripts and AddOn myself thinking this is it. This what everyone will want only to see them received by the community with lackluster enthusiasm (yea, I used the word lackluster today).

At this point I am used to the SHIFT-S menu. And of those options in the SHIFT-S menu I only use two. I rarely model. I am mostly using Blender to produce motion graphic footage for After Effects projects.

Each person uses Blender differently that is why it is so configurable.

My pet peve is why isn’t the Compress File turned on by default? Think of all the internet bandwidth that could be saved? Most newbies don’t know that the files they are posting could be smaller if they clicked that check box under User Preferences. I suggested it to this community and was ignored. But all it would take would be Ton or Cambell saying yeah, that is a good idea let’s turn it on by default.

As developer i know how important are default values. There are a lot of default values in Blender that should be inverted or set to different states. True!

But the enhanced 3D Cursor makes only that you can move the 3D cursor in the viewport. It called “enhanced” because of this what it is. A improvement. Everyone will love it.

I don’t want a new free Maya (but it would be nice). I love Blender, but i miss Maya, because its so forward-looking with Maya. I am a fan of the GUI. I wish every application has such a GUI like Maya has. Its fits perfectly into each workflow you want.

But enough with Maya. Blender is nice too. But there are things i cant see over. Like the parenting confusion. At the moment i have such things, for example.

I want to move all my meshes, that are parented with each other, and everything is move in different directions …what the fuck.
So i have to reorganize the parent child connections. But here is the problem. You are lost in the hierarchy. You cant figure out how they are connected with each other. Yes there are dotted line. And yes there is a tree-view. But how can i work this out?