Parenting mesh to armature without deforming mesh?

Ok so i realized i had forgotten to parent my mesh to my armature and i have already weight painted everything and i dont want to have to do it all over again because when i parent my mesh to the armature the thing goes crazy and stretches out everywhere so is there any way i can parent it to the armature without it deforming?

Can you put it up so i can see? If you parent your rig to mesh with automatic weights and the mesh isn’t moving with the armature, you probably have two armature modifiers on. Anyways upload file.

This problem seems weird, parenting your already painted mesh to your armature is supposed to work.

When you create the parenting with ctrl+P you must pay attention to choose the option “Set Parent to Object”.
Also the armature modifier needs to be applied before the subsurf modifier.

If it still does not work, you may try to create the parenting this way :
Select your mesh, go to the “object data” tab, in the “relations” panel pick the name of your armature in the parent field.

Ok thank you guys, here is my file for him

All right, here’s a way that works for me on your file :

  • Select your mesh
  • Delete the armature modifier
  • shift+click on the armature ctrl+P
  • choose “set parent to object”
  • on your mesh add a new armature modifier
  • in the object field of this modifier pick your armature name

voilà ! :slight_smile:

Thank you soooo much! Now i can finally get to work on my warhammer game!! ^,^

Lol sup sliv