Parenting mesh to duplicate armature.

Basically, I’ve been getting missing textures on my Blender model when I export it over to the SIO2 engine and I’ve pretty much confirmed that this is due to duplicate faces on the mesh being assigned to more than 1 vertex group and/or more than 1 material being assigned to a particular vertex group. This is because the option to create vertex groups based on bone heat when parenting the mesh to the armature was used.

So one way I tried to go about fixing this problem was to delete all the vertex groups and recreate them based on the materials instead. However, when I deleted the vertex groups, the character mesh reverted back to the T-pose and the rig did not have any effect on the mesh anymore. I experimented with a few options available when parenting a mesh to an armature, but it seems that only the bone heat/weight option will sorta re-rig the mesh back to the old armature, which is pointless in my case.

I do know that recreating a whole new armature and then parenting the mesh to it again, this time without creating vertex groups, will work. But that’s pretty much my last resort as the artist has already done up quite a number of animations with the model.

I’ve also tried duplicating the old armature, deleting the old armature and vertex groups and then parenting the mesh to the armature, this time without vertex groups created. Unfortunately, the new rig seems to have no effect on the mesh at all.

I greatly appreciate any help and advice on this matter. Thank you.