Parenting vertices?

(Abavagada) #1

I am using a premade model of a head and trying to add armatures to it so can do some simple expressions.

I built a 3bone armature for the top lip, and have all the top lip vertices assigned to the bones. However, since the lip is attached to the head, I can’t parent it to the armature. If I separate the top lip, then parent it, it deforms right, but leaves the rest of the face behind. If I do this then rejoin the lips to the head, I lose the armature control again.

Is it possible to parent JUST the vertices to the armature??

(theeth) #2

You can parent the whole head to the armature, only vertice assign to the good groups will be deformed. Vertice not assigned to group should not be affected.


(thatbrikwal) #3
does this help?

(Abavagada) #4

Tried that as well.
When that happened, it worked, but lost ability to move head around a head bone on a body armature.

Then I tried linking the lip armature to the head bone, and the head to the lips… and got the whole body revolving with the head!

This is driving me nuts!

(Abavagada) #5

Thatbrikwal, that is a very good link, but I am afraid it didn’t help any.
I guess if I really need to alter the mouth, I can go back to deforming it by hand… one vertice at a time.

Thanks for the suggestions.

(Abavagada) #6

I solved the problem after reading over the tutorial on doing hands and feet.

I added a bone almost perpindicular to the lip armature, with the base of it towards the head bone and the tip attached to the lip armature. Then, I parented the lips armature to that bone, and that bone to the head bone. Oila! Will all the bones linked, everything worked. Now I can open and close the mouth as well as shaping the lips.